Why I Chose to Court: and what books helped me make that decision

I know some people don't understand the difference between dating and courting, but this is why I chose to court and the books that helped me make that decision | www.beyondtheinspiration.com

As a child I always looked to dating as the “thing” that we all looked forward too. Everyone was doing it. Once a guy started being interested in you that you automatically started going on dates…alone…with the “man of your dreams”. You’d start out going out once a week, then hanging out several times a week, […]

3 Things I Learned While Babysitting My Brothers

Are you an older sibling with little brothers? Babysitting your little brothers? Here are 3 things that I learned while babysitting my little brothers | www.beyondtheinspiration.com

My parents are celebrating 23 years of marriage together this year. It is a beautiful thing to hear their stories of when they first met and how they fell in love, and to be able to watch them grow stronger the longer they are together. Honestly, it is a testament and legacy that us children […]

5 Instagram Tips for Better Pictures

Are you wanting to improve your Instagram photography? Now you can with these 5 Instagram tips for better pictures | www.beyondtheinspiration.com

For a while now, I have been working on making my Instagram feed resemble my love of photography. I didn’t do that at first. I just snapped a picture here or there in the Instagram app and posted it. It was okay, I guess, for when I first started, but I love the challenge of […]

DIY Barn Wood Coat Hanger

DIY Barn Wood Coat Hanger...an easy solution to hanging all those coats and purses. | www.beyondtheinspiration.com

If you have been following me for a little while, you might have noticed that my room has been in a little bit of an overhaul since the last few months of last year, with making my headboard, refinishing my desk, updating my bedspread and curtains with NoMoreRack.com, and now making a coat hanger out […]

20 Picture Books on Spring

Spring is in the air and there are picture books on spring in the library. Time to check some books out. | www.beyondtheinspiration.com

I can honestly say that snow and I are not best friends. The first snow is always pretty, laying a blanket of fresh clean snow, but the snow that comes after that…why? I am a Virginia girl. Stuck in the middle of north and south, but has more of a southern weather climate. I would […]

How to Refinish Your Desk with Reclaim Paint

How to Refinish Your Desk with Reclaim Paint. Super Easy. No sanding. No priming. Just start painting. | www.beyondtheinspiration.com

*Reclaim provided a quart of Nantucket paint color and compensated me for this review. I have had my desk for a near 4 1/2 years. I loved having the desk. It was everything I needed in a piece of furniture. I was able to write, store my papers, and hold all my dozens of books. […]

Super Bowl Finger-Food Ideas

Looking for some great Super Bowl finger-food ideas for your Super Bowl party? Here is a list of a few ideas | www.beyondtheinspiration.com

The last few years we have had some friends over for the Super Bowl. We’d have some simple appetizers, some finger-food, and a few desserts with drinks. We’d play some games and fellowship, while the big game was on the television. Well…this year it will be a bit different. My brother and I will be […]

A Collection of Oregon Trail Books and Resources

A large collection of Oregon Trail books and resources for children and adults | www.beyondtheinspiration.com

I remember just a few short years ago how much in love I was with the Oregon Trail. I would spend hours a week reading and researching all I could about the Oregon Trail. If I found out something interesting, I would write it down in my 2 inch binder, full of maps of the […]

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