How to Refinish Your Desk with Reclaim Paint

How to Refinish Your Desk with Reclaim Paint. Super Easy. No sanding. No priming. Just start painting. |

*Reclaim provided a quart of Nantucket paint color and compensated me for this review. I have had my desk for a near 4 1/2 years. I loved having the desk. It was everything I needed in a piece of furniture. I was able to write, store my papers, and hold all my dozens of books. […]

Super Bowl Finger-Food Ideas

Looking for some great Super Bowl finger-food ideas for your Super Bowl party? Here is a list of a few ideas |

The last few years we have had some friends over for the Super Bowl. We’d have some simple appetizers, some finger-food, and a few desserts with drinks. We’d play some games and fellowship, while the big game was on the television. Well…this year it will be a bit different. My brother and I will be […]

A Collection of Oregon Trail Books and Resources

A large collection of Oregon Trail books and resources for children and adults |

I remember just a few short years ago how much in love I was with the Oregon Trail. I would spend hours a week reading and researching all I could about the Oregon Trail. If I found out something interesting, I would write it down in my 2 inch binder, full of maps of the […]

Why Relationships are Important

Why are relationships so important for a person? |

I know what if feels like to not have a friend. I didn’t have many growing up. There were some spells that I had a friend or two (mostly boys, because they were friends with my brother), but then there were a lot of dry spells. I think the longest dry spell was around 13 […]

Easy DIY Snowman Ornament

Easy, DIY Snowman Ornament - This is an easy and DIY snowman ornament that is cheap to make for yourself, friends, or family! |

In 2013 I was invited to our Women’s Ornament Exchange with the women from our new Church. (I say “new Church”, because we had only been going for about 6 months). I thought that was a cute idea and started shopping around for cute ornaments that represented my faith and was $15 or more. I […]

5 Ways to Show You’re Friend

5 ways that you can show others that you are and can be a friend |

I never really had a close friend when I was growing up. I’d have girls come in and out of my life and a lot of boys that were really my brothers friends, but I didn’t have any. At times I felt lost and lonely. At times I didn’t feel sufficient enough, because I never […]

3 Ways to Learn about Pocahontas

3 ways to learn about Pocahontas for kids |

I’ve always had a love for Native Americans. It started young, but progressed once I learned that I had some Native American blood in me. I read so many different books about one famous Native American or other, how they used to live, their government and more. I was so fascinated. In fact, my favorite […]

Putting Christ in CHRISTmas

Putting Christ in CHRISTmas - Advent activities to do with your children |

For many years I remember not celebrating Christmas the traditional way. By traditional, I mean, no Christmas tree, no gifts, no stockings. My family didn’t stop this, because they didn’t like it or because they couldn’t afford it, they put this tradition on pause, because my siblings and I didn’t think about it as the […]

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