Why Your Child Should Buy Their First Car

I was always told my parents were not going to give me a car, but that I was the one who had to buy my own. That is how they both ended up with cars and that is what they wanted for their children, because it taught them the value of a dollar and what […]

Making Time for God in a Busy Day

Have you ever started a day that you felt like you didn’t have time to spend reading the Bible in the morning, so instead you go about your day saying you would read the Bible later on and keep going? You get in bed that night and remember that you went all day without reading, but […]

The Real Struggle with Guy/Girl Friendships

A lot of my friends growing up were guys. I didn’t have many friends that were girls. The guy friends I did have were also my brothers friends, so I’d see them a lot, and we were close. I guess I would struggle with my feelings if the guy was cute (and there were quite […]

A Super Awesome Creation vs. Evolution Curriculum

You know the talk. The never ending dispute about creation vs. evolution. The thousands of years vs the millions and even trillions of years of how we came to be. The simple story of creation found in the Bible and the very complicated theory of how one tiny little speck turned into all it is […]

Why I Chose to Court: and what books helped me make that decision

As a child I always looked to dating as the “thing” that we all looked forward too. Everyone was doing it. Once a guy started being interested in you that you automatically started going on dates…alone…with the “man of your dreams”. You’d start out going out once a week, then hanging out several times a week, […]

3 Things I Learned While Babysitting My Brothers

My parents are celebrating 23 years of marriage together this year. It is a beautiful thing to hear their stories of when they first met and how they fell in love, and to be able to watch them grow stronger the longer they are together. Honestly, it is a testament and legacy that us children […]

5 Instagram Tips for Better Pictures

For a while now, I have been working on making my Instagram feed resemble my love of photography. I didn’t do that at first. I just snapped a picture here or there in the Instagram app and posted it. It was okay, I guess, for when I first started, but I love the challenge of […]

DIY Barn Wood Coat Hanger

If you have been following me for a little while, you might have noticed that my room has been in a little bit of an overhaul since the last few months of last year, with making my headboard, refinishing my desk, updating my bedspread and curtains with NoMoreRack.com, and now making a coat hanger out […]

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