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I was a total American Girl addict when I was growing up. I’d devour each and every American Girl catalog that showed up in our mailbox, I read every book of every American Girl doll (There were only eight when I was growing up: Kaya, Josefina, Kirsten, Samantha, Kit, Addy, Molly, and Felicity.) I got some of the cookbooks and activity books and watched a couple movies, before I really “grew out” of it.

I still love the dolls of American Girl and can’t wait to have little girls of my own to buy one, or two, but it is a little saddening to find that a couple of the dolls I grew up reading and learning about have been discontinued.

One thing that I will be doing with my own girls one day is doing a history study with using American Girls. I can teach them so much about the early American colonies with Felicity, introduce them to the Revolutionary War, and so many more things. This is something I can do with each and every American Girl to introduce them to the historical time periods. (I know this is some ways that I have remembered some things…)

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Learning History with American Girls:

First things first. You need to introduce the American Girls to your daughters. This can be done by reading a collection of books about a certain girl, or it could be by getting the free catalog, or even one of the mini dolls. Whichever way you do it, let her know about them.

Pick a time period to study. As an example, I am going to pick Felicity, who is from the 1700’s and was living during the beginning of independent America. Let them learn about what other things happened during that time.

Learn about where the American girl lives by finding it on the map.

Read the books of Felicity and talk about the events that were happening during her life.

Watch the movie and point out the details of Felicity’s clothing, the way she spoke, the different ways she did things, the events that were going on, etc.

Make the learning fun by implementing some of the things that you and your daughter have read in the books, such as, tea parties, letter writing, cooking, crafts, etc. Having your children do hands-on activities is one of the best ways of really learning what they are being taught.

Here are a few books that are awesome for hands on learning with American Girls:

Jamie from the Unlikely Homeschooler has some really great posts for American Girl History Unit studies that you can do with your daughter.

You can make history come to life with all of the American girls, by just doing the steps above.

Which American Girl is your favorite?


I will receive commission on any sales made on my blog. To learn more, read my disclosure policy.


  1. I highly recommend the mini American Girl dolls, esp due to the cost.

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