7 Things I Learned Throwing My First Dinner Party

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7 things I learned throwing my first dinner party | www.beyondtheinspiration.com

My mom does a really great job of making bread and cookies from scratch, as well as the large majority of our dinners. From a young age, I was asked to help with simple things and the older I got the more I was asked to do. If you read my post about 3 reasons why I was building my own cookbook, you might remember that I did not have the desire to be in the kitchen, cooking or baking.

The contempt I had for the kitchen soon wore off when we moved and I grew older and more mature in the Lord (thankfully). I enjoy it now, although there are times when I feel it is a drag, but it is nothing I can’t live with…

When I was in my senior year of High School, I was assigned for Home Ec to throw a dinner party, so my mom could see what I had learned in my school years and give me a grade according to that.

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7 Things I Learned Throwing My First Dinner Party:

  1. Planning for Success –  When my mom told me what I had to do, she told me I had to plan the WHOLE thing. I was given a set budget that I needed to stay within to cover the cost of food and decorations, plus any other additional things I needed. With the budget in mind, I was able to plan for a successful dinner party.
  2. Invite –  I was given the full option of choosing which day to have the dinner, although my mom did give me a few tips. With the date set, I made custom invitations, got everyone’s addresses and set them into the mail, with plenty of time for them to RSVP. I think I sent them 2-3 weeks before the intended date.
  3. Make the Menu – The invites were sent, so now I had to create the menu. I needed the meal to be well-rounded with a dessert. I decided on Beef Enchiladas, Corn, and Mexican Rice, as the meal, and brownies and ice cream as the dessert.(Make sure that your guests don’t have any allergies).
  4. Write the Grocery List – With my meal planned, I needed to write my grocery list. I made sure to check the house for the items I needed and wrote down the things I didn’t have. If you don’t know the recipe by heart, check the recipe to see if there is anything you are missing. If you have coupons for the items you need, that is great, since it’ll help you stay within budget.
  5. Preparing the Meal – On the day of the dinner party, I sat down to plan the day. I knew I needed to time the cooking/baking right, in order for the meal to be ready when the guest arrived, but not to early. When I served the meals on the plate, I made sure that each part of the meal was portioned correctly.
  6. Decorations – A few days before the party, I had made custom name place setting cards, that coordinated with the invites I had sent earlier. I made sure they were large enough, so the guests could open it and write their critic/grade on the inside. I set the table elegantly, with cloth napkins and candles.
  7. Welcoming the guests – This is important. As the hostess, you should be the one opening the door and welcoming your guests in. Unfortunately, when my guests arrived, I had not completely finished the meal, since the enchiladas still had about 5 minutes left. I still welcomed my guest in, took their bags, and invited them to sit and wait while the meal finished. 

My dinner party went wonderfully, and I received an A+ for my accomplishment. I know I could have done a couple things better, but for my first time, I think it went great.

From that experience, I know that I really enjoy event planning, large or small.

How did your first dinner party go?

I will receive commission on any sales made on my blog. To learn more, read my disclosure policy.


  1. I enjoy throwing parties but often forget some of the tips you’ve mentioned. Thanks for the great reminders! Pinned.

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