20 Things about a Bibliophile

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20 Things about a bibliophile | www.beyondtheinspiration.com
Warning: This isn’t my normal writing…proceed at your own will.

Hello, my name is Cassondra Freeman. I am a bibliophile. I’m an addict of books and I cannot, and will not, give up this addiction. (Not unless I become blind).

I noticed my addiction when I was a little girl, probably around the age of 10. I began to realize that I was always reading, getting new books at the library, thinking about a character as a real person, not being able to put down a book until finished, etc. and then I started to get the nickname: Bookworm.

You know you are an official addict of books when you get the name, Bookworm.

Now that I’m older and in the world of social media, I have long since wondered where the name, Facebook, came to be? To me, it sounds like it would have originated from a Bookworm or friends of one. I mean come on…my face was always in a book and its not like you can call a laptop, computer, cell, or tablet a book. Maybe the founder was a bookworm and from thence called it that? I don’t know, but it has made me wonder…

Well, anyways, I thought I would write down some things about being a bibliophile and I’m sure if you’re a bibliophile, like myself, you will be able to understand all of this. We’d be like…connected.

20 things about a bibliophile

  1. You always have a book. Always.
  2. You frequent your library weekly.
  3. You make room in your budget for overdue materials from the library.
  4. Your way of escape is in a book.
  5. You consider fictional characters to be your friends.
  6. You’re torn between wanting and not wanting to finish the book. The conflict is real.
  7. You never have enough bookshelves. Ever.
  8. You think people are crazy when you hear they don’t like to read.
  9. You will always be content with a good book and a blanket.
  10. Once you begin to read a book, the words begin to blur and you see a movie.
  11. You love the character, as if they were real people.
  12. You are addicted to the smell of paper and ink.
  13. You buy books like other women buy shoes.
  14. You have traveled the world 100 times over, without ever leaving your house.
  15. You think you’ve died and gone to heaven whenever you enter into an antique book store.
  16. Books series and you are official BFFs.
  17. You despise when a movie based on a book leaves out the best parts.
  18. You have a designated bag/shelf for your library finds.
  19. If you have “visit the Library of Congress” on your bucket list.
  20. You go to bed early, just so you can finish that book and end up staying up till 2 am in the morning.

If you are like me and being a proud bibliophile, you know what you just read is 100% truthful and you must share it with all of the world! (Just kidding, but a few friends would be nice. 😉 )

Now, be a good book addict and go find one to read!

I will receive commission on any sales made on my blog. To learn more, read my disclosure policy.


  1. I like your list. It was true of me (except for #19) when I was your age, but now at 39, some things have changed; #5 and #11 aren’t true of me anymore — I think I’m more critical about characterization than I used to be — and as for #20, well, when you have a baby who doesn’t sleep through the night the book-reading just has to end before your bed-time.

  2. This list is so true!

  3. Oh.My.Gosh. I loved this!!! True story: when I was about 9 or 10, I washed my hands almost obsessively because I was so terrified I’d get my precious books dirty!!! I had all my books in order by author…and within that order they were all in order by size. And I usually had a stack of 3 or 4 on my table. And I was genuinely sad when I finished a book. And … sigh… I love books. :)

  4. I <3 this list. They're all true, except the library ones. Mostly because I've given up, and it's just cheaper for me to buy the books now. ((sigh)) It's a problem, I know. It makes #7 a much, much bigger problem.

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