15 Books that Teach Shapes

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15 books that teach shapes to your #toddlers and #preschoolers | www.beyondtheinspiration.com

I love to watch little children learn new things. The alphabet. Telling Time. Shapes. Colors. You get to see the wonder and understanding come into their eyes, and their enthusiasm for wanting to learn more things is so contagious. When you come to the stage of teaching your child the many different shapes, there is a lot of different things you could do, such as find items in your house that is shaped like a circle, or fit each shape into the correctly shaped whole in an object, or having them stand on the symbol for each shape you call out. Many different ideas for many different shapes.

Having such a young brother, I am able to experience the wonder of learning through his eyes. What I have long ago lost in my wonder for learning new things, I am now seeing it again in a total new light. The joy that fills my heart when I tell him something cool about a certain something and see his eyes light up with amazement never dies. Not only is he learning, but I am, too.

Listening to my baby brother tell me the name of each letter of the alphabet as we go through his favorite book makes me one proud sister, or laughing at him when he starts to play “the color game” on a car trip and has found 5 red cars, or 10 yellow cars. I am just so blessed to be in his life to experience this time of learning for him. 

15 Books that Teach Shapes:

What is your favorite part of watching your younger child learn new things?

I will receive commission on any sales made on my blog. To learn more, read my disclosure policy.


  1. My boys love shape sorters and learning about colors and shapes. Thanks for this great list – pinned!

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